Reading, Writing, Listening 1


This post was such a breath of fresh air for me. It validated my feelings toward my early days of blogging and also gave me the important reminder that I’m writing for myself and only myself at this stage. Maybe in a few months or a few years I’ll take this somewhere else, but for now, I’m setting a foundation for something I want to last the rest of my life.
This essay from Coffee + Crumbs was so beautifully written. I love her message.

This essay from Hannah Brencher is one I found from C+C Year of Creativity resource page. I have devoured most of her writings since I read this essay a few months ago. It is one that I continue to come back to.


Kelly Flanagan on Melanie Dale’s podcast was so eye opening. He talks about shame, worthiness, and our life’s purpose. I’ve heard him on a few other podcasts, but this one was my favorite so far. I’m looking forward to reading some of his blog posts and his new book.

Episode 89 of Mom Strugging Well podcast really got me thinking and opened my eyes to ways that I need to change. I was so inspired by this interview,  but laughed out loud throughout most of it. This is one I’ll be listening to often. 
Episode 29 of Coffee + Crumbs podcast confirmed my desires for baby #3. 
Snippet from something I’m working on:

I don’t regret having children as quickly as we did. Becoming a mom was always the end goal for me. My life, though it has become more chaotic and a lot louder than I had ever anticipated, has been more joyful and exciting than I ever could have imagined