Reading, Writing, Listening 3

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This post from Hannah Brencher was so much of what I am feeling. I especially loved this line:

I think there is a fine line between consuming content because we adore it and it inspires us and then consuming because we feel bored or we think we feel entitled to the pieces of someone else’s life.

I’m half-way through this book and getting a lot out of it. I don’t agree with every point I have read so far, but I definitely relate to a lot of it, especially the social media chapter.


This podcast with Mo Isom was incredibly powerful.


I have been thinking a lot about social media and it’s place in my life. I’m trying to put into words what it all means to me:

I have found myself reaching for my phone, unlocking it, and looking for that app. When I remember that it is gone, I close my phone and try to evaluate the reason for grabbing my phone in the first place. I have given up the fear of missing out- missing out on the lives of these instagram moms I will never meet. How they live their lives has no affect on me