Reading, Writing, Listening 6


This book is on the suggested reading for The Year of Creativity theme of play. It has been on my to read list for a while now. It has so many good nuggets of wisdom, I am taking away so much from it. 


This podcast on the (formerly) Grit and Glitter Co podcast was really interesting. Tiffany Han Talked about getting 100 rejection letters. It was inspiring to listen to. 

This podcast. Everything Erin Loechner does is amazing and this episode was no different. Every time I listen to her, I learn something new. 


With the birth of my son, almost five years ago, I gained a confidence that can only be attributed to my new identity in motherhood. I was still self-conscious, I was still aware of the features I have that were not my favorite. But those things didn’t seem to matter as much to me anymore