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What I Read August + September Goals

*Currently reading
*Currently Reading

Breaking Busy by Alli Worthington

Hope Heals by Jay and Katherine Wolf

You Are Free by Rebekah Lyons

Packing Light  by Allison Fallon

I loved all of these books last month. They weren’t what I was expecting, but they all touched me and inspired me in a way that I needed during that time. I love when that happens– when books speak right to your soul.


I want to get out of my comfort zone, even more than I already have this year. And I have a lot of opportunity for that to happen, which is exciting and terrifying for me.

  • Joining a voxer book club, where we will be reading a few books that are not typical books I have been reading lately. I don’t like to lend my voice to things, but I am really trying to speak up and put myself out there. You don’t grow if you stay the same, and this year has been all about growing, for me.
  • Attending a writing workshop with Allison Fallon. I have never been to an in-person workshop, so I am slightly nervous. But, I am excited to learn from her and see what I can take away and input into my writing practice.
  • I want to attempt writing longhand all month. Lately, grabbing my computer has been less appealing. Whenever I think about getting words out, whether for this blog or for essays I am working on, my fingers feel constricted. I am less sure of myself and the thoughts I have swirling around inside. I want to see how things will change if I put pen to paper for a few weeks, a month, and see what flows. Writing with pen and paper usually frees me up to express myself more fully, to not hold back as much. I don’t feel as much pressure, either. A few writers I really admire write longhand before moving on to the computer, so I’m curious if it will work for me too.
    • I am always curious as to how writers write- what their practice looks like. What they do mentally, emotionally, physically to get set up for a writing session. I am always wanting to learn and always curious to see how people work. I am still learning, I still call myself a beginner. I am always up for a growing and learning experience.

Happy September!