About Me


I’m Jacey.

I am a newly 30-something wife of 5 years and mama for 4 years. We have 2 children (thus far) 4 and 1 1/2.


I’m introvert ( ISFJ-T), ex- high school English teacher, reader, life long learner, and an aspiring writer. I am trying to find my voice and figure out marriage and motherhood in the process.

I have always loved writing and have always loved words. After becoming a mom, I forgot how powerful writing was for me and I came back to it after my daughter turned 1. I have been trying to find my place, my identity in this world outside of being a mom. Writing has helped me do that, it has helped me find my voice and believe in myself again. It has given me something to hold on to and to strive for.

What you will find is a Mom on the same journey as you: trying to do my best while loving my family fiercely. You will find compassion and understanding from a fellow mama in the trenches. I can’t tell you how to love your husband better because I’m still figuring that out. But you will find honesty, and vulnerability and heaps of grace because I’d be lost without grace upon grace. I will share things I love, books I’m reading, podcasts I listen to, and other “fun” things, but mostly you’ll find my heart splayed upon the interwebs in hopes that you feel less alone, that you can say “me too” and feel my comradeship through the screen.

Motherhood is hard enough without being told we need this or that to be a “good mom”. We need stories of other mamas surviving the hard parts and celebrating the good, we need to know we aren’t alone. And in this space of mine on the internet, you are never alone.

Thanks for stopping by,


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